Grading for Learning Changes

Grading for Learning Changes
Posted Aug. 17, 2017

Dear Wauwatosa School District Families - 


This summer, around two dozen secondary teachers and administrators got together to discuss and work on our Grading for Learning Model and address feedback we have received from students, parents, and teachers.  The work was exciting and productive and we want parents, guardians, staff, and students to know we appreciated your input. Ultimately, it resulted in several enhancements to our Grading for Learning Model.


On August 14, representatives of the team of teachers and administrators presented the changes to the School Board.


In making these changes, we believe we are strengthening the Grading for Learning Model. We believe the changes will help increase student engagement, help ensure equity among all students, and help with the workability of how we grade and assess student learning.


The links below detail the four areas of change, as well as a tweak to the Retake Policy and the PowerPoint presentation to the school board.


Grading for Learning Changes: Parents and Students

Grading for Learning Retake Policy

Grading for Learning PowerPoint Presentation