Our Vision

Our Vision

The Wauwatosa West learning community prepares students to be self-confident, responsible and innovative learners who will be successful in our global community.

We believe it is our mission to:

  • Challenge ALL students to achieve their full academic potential, encourage life-long learning, and motivate students to be independent, creative and critical thinkers who can solve problems and communicate effectively. 

  • Promote and develop in students the character traits of honesty, respect and responsibility, along with fostering an understanding, respect and appreciation for diverse cultures and beliefs. 

  • Create a learning environment that is physically and emotionally safe for all students and staff, and that provides a variety of opportunities for students beyond classroom academics. 

  • Promote the key role that parents play in the education of their children. 

  • Prepare students physically, mentally and socially to be successful and responsible members of society. 

  • Become a school characterized by a shared sense of community and responsibility. 

  • With this mission in our minds and our hearts, we will develop a shared vision for Wauwatosa West High School and involve the teachers, administration, support staff, students, parents and community at large in defining the commitments we are willing to make to ensure that our vision becomes a reality.