Eisenhower and Westx27s parking lot undergoes summer construction

Eisenhower and West's parking lot undergoes summer construction
Posted June 19, 2017

With the summer upon us, the Wauwatosa School District is doing some construction and resurfacing of the West High School and Eisenhower Elementary parking lot.  Construction will begin June 26th.


As a result, there will be no parking available in the lot from June 23rd - August 9th. 

This will impact families with students enrolled in 2017 Summer School, as well as some Recreation Department activities.


Please take note of important instructions about parking for any activities at either of these schools this summer. 


Alternative parking options are pictured in this attached map. These include:

  • Side street parking off of Center Street;

  • The parking lot on the east side of West High School;

  • Whitman Middle School Parking lot;

  • Locust Parking lot which is available via Locust Street. There is a sidewalk that leads to Whitman Middle School or the walking bridge to West High School.


Additionally, the map highlights drop-off and pick-up zones outside of Eisenhower, West, and Whitman.


 At Eisenhower, drop-off/ pick-up will go as follows:

  • Each teacher will have a sign with their class name on it and will pick up their students from the playground area/southwest door (due to parking lot construction) before the 8:00 class session begins.  

  • End of the day will go as follows: Teachers will walk out with their last class session when it ends at 11:55 to the back playground area.  Parents have the option to pick up their children on the playground or at the "hug and go" section of Center Street. 

  • While the parking lot will be open this first week, we will be starting the above-mentioned routine at Eisenhower to get students and parents used to how the other five weeks of summer school drop-off, pick-up will go. 


Thank you for your cooperation and patience while we work to renovate this space and service 3,200+ students in our summer school programming, as well as serve our community through recreation programming. 


Summer School families, please feel free to contact us with any questions or concerns related to parking at the SS Main Line (414) 773- 3200.


Recreation Department questions should be directed to the main line at 414-773-2900.