Special Programs and Interests

Special Programs and Interests

Special Programs

  • Two-year kindergarten programs for four- and five-year-olds

  • Parent/Teacher Advisory Council

  • PTA-sponsored family activities

  • Band, chorus and orchestra programs

  • Daily hot lunch program

  • Gifted and talented programming

  • Cadets

  • Playground Partners

  • School store

Meeting Student Needs        

  • SAT - Student Assistance Teams to support the individual needs of students

  • ESL - English instruction for students whose first language is not English

  • Learning Coordinator - Instructional Support, Title 1 Math, Gifted & Talented, Technology

  • FOSS Science - hands on learning

  • Fully networked computers in each classroom plus a library computer mini-lab

  • Special Education support

  • On-site day care by Wauwatosa Day Care