Tips for Scholarships

Tips for Scholarships

National Scholarship sites:


*GACOLLEGE 411- Georgia Scholarship Finder


 *My College Dollars- College Boards' National Scholarship Search and Tracker


*NextStepU- Register to win FREE TUITION and enter various contests. Find scholarships and more on this website


* is dedicated to connecting high school students with scholarships and best-fit colleges. On Zinch, high school students can create their first online, "professional" profile in a fun, interactive, Facebook-like setting where students reach out directly to the colleges of their choosing. is FREE for all students, completely private and students only connect with colleges that they are interested in! Any scholarship that a student wins on this site will be doubled by!! Go to today to sign up and create your FREE profile!



College Board's Scholarship Search


CollegeNET's MACH 25 Scholarship Database


Fastweb Scholarship Search


International Education and Financial Aid


Lunch Money Scholarship Search


National Merit Scholarship Corporation


Scholarship Help


Scholarship Hunter


 Be sure to check out the helpful hints below as well!!**


Top Scholarship Tips:


1. Apply only if you are eligible! Read all of the scholarship requirements and directions carefully to make sure you're eligible before you send in your application. Your application can't win if you're not eligible for the scholarship.


2. Complete the application in full. If a question doesn't apply, note that on the appilcation. Don't just leave it blank.


3. Follow directions. Provide everything that is required, but don't supply things that aren't needed - you could be disqualified.


4. Neatness counts. Make several photocopies of all the forms you receive. Use the copies as working drafts to develop your application packet. Always type your application. If you must print, do so neatly and legibly.


5. Make sure your essay makes an impression. The key to writing a strong essay is to be personal and specific. Include concrete details to make yyour experience come alive: who, what, where, and when.


6. Watch out for deadlines. To help keep yourself on track, impose a deadline on yourself that is at least two weeks before the stated deadline. Use this time to proofread your application before you send it off.


7. Make copies before sending. Before sending your application, make a copy of the entire packet and keep it on file in case your application goes astray. Make sure your name (and social security number, if applicable) appears on each page of your application to ensure nothing is lost.


8. Give it a final "once-over". Proofread the entire application carefully. Be on the lookout for mispelled words or grammatical errors. Ask a friend, teacher, or parent to proofread it as well.


9. Ask for help if you need it. If you have problems with the application, call the funding organization and ask questions.


10. Remember - your scholarship application represents you! Your ability to submit a neat, timely, complete application reflects on you. It's your face to this organization. Take pride in yourself by submitting your best application.


 *The largest amount of scholarship money comes from colleges. All colleges and universities have in house scholarship programs. In order to qualify you must attend that school and meet specific criteria. Try to get all college applications mailed in by December, so you will have a better chance of qualifying for specific institutional scholarships.*