Attendance Procedures

Attendance Procedures

Please call for general attendance questions 770.606.5841 ext 4156. Melissa Forsyth, Attendance Clerk -



Adairsville High School recognizes that success in school is in part related to prompt and regular classroom attendance. Frequent absences or tardies, which result in a student’s missing all or parts of presentations, demonstrations, discussions, explanations, and/or other classroom activities, are detrimental to the individual student and the class. Student non-attendance and/or persistent tardiness are therefore matters of serious concern.

Please help us in keeping your student at school all day every day.


We do understand that Dr. App'ts, Dental etc are out of their control. On days that students need to check out please follow the procedures below:


Checkouts must be in writing with the exception of work base, dual enrollment and career academy students. Please send a note with the student the morning of checkout. If you forget you may also fax or email:  Fax - 770.773.2722 Attn: Attendance            


Tardies: Students may use 4 parent notes per semester for tardies. If a student does not come in with a parent note, they will automatically have lunch detention the same day.  If they serve 4 days in lunch dentention the 5th time they are tardy they will  serve 1 day of ISS.


Bus Notes: Please send bus notes with the student the morning of the change. You may also send a fax before 3:00 pm to the above number.  

Both students do have to have a note from the parents.


Certificate of Attendance: Students who need to obtain a Certificate of Attendance will need to visit the front office to fill out a form requesting their Certificate and ADAP (Alchol, Drug, Awareness, Pervention) certificate.