Meet the Teacher Night Handout

Meet the Teacher Night Handout

Meet the Teacher Night

Teacher Name: Alexis Merlino Subject: American Sign Language



      American Sign Language (ASL) is the predominant language of the d/Deaf community in North America. It is a full language with a grammar and linguistic structure, but has no written component. (People who communicate with ASL generally use written English.) The four parameters of ASL are hand shape, direction, palm orientation and facial expressions,; these four elements govern the rules that make up the language.


Signing with children who can hear...

  1. ...aids language development.

  2. multi-sensory and allows children of differing learning styles to benefit.

  3. ...provides additional tools to communicate and alleviates communication frustration.

  4. ...helps with word recall and reinforces and teaches new words.

  5. ...improves coordination and motor skills.

  6. ...helps if a child has a stutter, apraxia, or other spoken language challenge.

  7. ...allows a child another way to express themselves when they are experiencing strong emotions.

  8. ...serves as a bridge between two spoken languages.

  9. ...shows the concept of words in a visual way so children can better understand the meaning.

  10. ...helps organize thoughts and ideas.
  11. ....supports the learning of letters, word recognition and vocabulary development. 
  12. ....enhances the reading process by engaging a child in a book, It can intrigue reluctant readers to sign along with reading.
  13. ....has been shown to increase IQ and enhance both math and music skills. 14....aids memory and retention of words and concepts.
  14. ....challenges them in new ways!


In addition to numbers, letters, and colors, students will learn and practice signing about the following:

~ K-2 ~

Hello and Goodbye, Clothing, and Animals

~ 3-5 ~

Jobs and Places, Food, Travel, Deaf Culture, Introductions and Greetings

~ 6-8 ~

Leisure Activities, Character and Personality Traits, Personal Style, and Deaf Education, Technology, Art, and Culture


Grades K-3 will have ASL class once a week over the course of the year.

Grades 4-8 will have ASL class daily for one quarter per year.


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