ARHS Early College Cohort 5 Applicants

ARHS Early College Cohort 5 Applicants

Cohort 5 Applicant Information:


1.  Please complete the following application by Friday, December 2nd. 


2.  Complete 3 teacher references by Friday, December 2nd.  


3.  Submit contact information to either Mr. Blacklocke, Mrs. Jenkins, or Mrs. Kassinger. 


4.  Testing for Trident Tech AccuPlacer Test will be given on Friday, December 9th.  Students will recieve "Testing Tickets" that will include the room number and testing time to report to on December 9th.  Tickets will be delivered to students during the school day on December 5th, 6th, and 7th. 


Any questions please contact Mr. Blacklocke or Mrs. Jenkins.