Underclassmen Information

Underclassmen Information


Individual Graudaution Plan (IGP) Meetings

IGP meetings for seniors, juniors, and freshmen will take place during the month of October. Counselors are sending home letters approximately two weeks prior to your student’s meeting.  Sophomore meetings will begin in November.  Please be on the lookout for these letters, and contact your student’s counselor with any questions or concerns.


SLT School Counseling Sessions

On the first Friday of every month, your counseling department will provide students with additional classroom guidance sessions during SLT.  Sessions will take place in the Media Center.  Students will also have the opportunity to borrow the book from the library.  Each SLT guidance session will have a corresponding screencast available on the school counseling website.          



Structured Learning Time

During Structured Learning Time, the first 24 minutes of lunch, students have the opportunity to meet with their teachers, receive tutoring, and visit the computer lab, C106, to catch up on work.  A prescriptive SLT schedule, assigning the class a student visits one to five days per week, are available through your student’s counselor.  Tutoring is also available.  See flyer.