Underclassmen Information

Underclassmen Information

Course Selection Information:



Virtual SC:

Virtual SC is a FREE online learning program for students in grades 7-12 who attend a public, private, or home school in South Carolina. Since Virtual SC is a program rather than a school, it does not award diplomas. Students interested in taking an initial credit or credit recovery course via VSC must see their counselor for additional information. Each course requires parent and counselor approval prior to being activated. 


Individual Graduation Plan (IGP) Information:

Your IGP and course registration are two separate events, but both rely heavily upon each other. During your IGP, you will have the opportunity to discuss your career plans with your school counselor and parents. We will review test scores and grades to make realistic post-secondary plans based on your career goals. We will also discuss course options to help you reach your goals. You may view your IGP in PowerSchool as a reminder of course options when the registration portal opens. You will enter your courses in PowerSchool during registration.


Teachers make course recommendations based on your academic performance, motivation, and work ethic. Any courses discussed during your IGP are "trumped" by a teacher recommendation. If your teacher didn't recommend you for a course (or higher level) you prefer, you should talk with them about ways to improve your academic performance, motivation, and work ethic. Teachers may change their recommendation before the end of the year if make appropriate progress. After registration, you  have the option to complete an override form to be placed in the course, or higher level, you are willing to accept the challenge for. Be signing an override form, you are not able to change out of that course at any point during the year.