NHS Selection Process

NHS Selection Process



The Banquete High School National Honor Society selection process will be determined as follows.



Students Academic Records- a student must currently have and maintain an overall average of at least a 90 weighted average in all his/her academic classes.


Faculty Recommendations – a list of qualifying student’s nominees will be given to the Banquete High School Faculty for their personal recommendations.


Student Activity Information Form - student’s service to their community, school, etc. must be documented on the form and turned in to Mrs. Martinez by the due date.


If you do not turn in your activity information sheet your selection process will not continue. No late forms will be accepted.


Candidate’s completed activity information sheet will then be reviewed by the Faculty Council, along with other verifiable information about each candidate and his or her activities that define the candidate’s leadership, service, citizenship, and character.


Upon reviewing all forms which have been turned in, the eligible NHS candidates will be notified of their acceptance to the Banquete High School National Honor Society.