Crisis Management

Crisis Management

Banquete Jr. High

Crisis Management Action Sheet



Our Junior High School has many event plans in place for crisis situations and emergencies. We will be holding drills where the students and faculty will practice exiting the building. We are able to evacuate everyone in the building in under five minutes. In addition, the following plans are in place and several are routinely practiced throughout the year to ensure all are familiar with the plans and procedures:


  1. Fire Drill
  2. Bomb Threat (CODE BLACK)
  3. Intruder (CODE RED)
  4. Severe Weather/ Tornando (CODE BLUE)
  5. Death of a Student/Staff Member
  6. Violence/Shooting


Fire Drill

  • 3 bells to leave your classroom
  • Go to your designated area
  • 2 bells to return to class


Bomb Threat (CODE BLACK)

  • Remove students to designated area away from building where bomb threat was reported. Teachers, take class rosters with you. Do not use cell phones or turn on any electrical devices. Teachers will take roll and stay with your class. Listen to termination of bomb threat by the administrator.


Intruder (CODE RED)

  • Remove all students fro the hallway and immediately lock students in classrooms. Keep students calm. Listen for termination of lockdown by the administrator.


Severe Weather/ Tornado (CODE BLUE)

  • Move students into the hallway away from the windows. Do not shelter in the gymnasium. Keep students calm.



  • Remove students from the scene. Teachers monitor students. Keep students calm.



  • Remove students from the scene. Get students into the classrooms and secure the doors. Keep students calm. Listen for the termination of lockdown by administrators.



It is the responsibility of the administration and Jr. High Staff to carry out the steps outlined within this plan.  B.J.H. is dedicated to providing the needs of all students and staff during a time of emergency.



Crisis Management Team

  • Mr. R. Pena
  • Ms. M. Perez
  • Coach R. Ramirez
  • Coach K. Hernandez
  • Mrs. D. Malik
  • Ms. M. Garcia
  • Ms. C. Chapa