About the Foundation

About the Foundation

General Information
The mission of the Beaumont Public Schools Foundation, Inc., is to make grants for projects to enhance teaching and learning in the Beaumont Independent School District (BISD) and to receive and administer gifts for other education purposes for Beaumont Independent School District students.

The Beaumont Public School Foundation, Inc., (BPSF) is a not-for-profit organization (501)(c)(3) that receives funds from individuals, corporations, and other foundations.


History of the BPSF

The Beaumont Public Schools Foundation, Inc. was born from the vision of Beaumont ISD Superintendent, Dr. Jerry Mallett. Dr. Mallett believed the district needed an organization of education advocates that would support staff and students as they strive for academic excellence. In February of 1993, Dr. Mallett invited community leaders and parents to discuss the creation of an education foundation. Attendees represented the diverse Beaumont community and were very receptive to the idea. Within six weeks, the Beaumont Public Schools Foundation, Inc. was formed and had applied for non-profit status. The first donation came from the School Volunteer Program which earlier that had won a national award for its TAAS Essay Readers project and was given $1,000. With the $1,000, the BPSF printed informational brochures and grant applications to distribute to teachers. In addition, the organization elected a Board of Directors, adopted bylaws and began soliciting funds to feed the endowment fund. Dr. Carrol Thomas, the superintendent succeeding Dr. Mallett, has also supported the BPSF’s mission and the Foundation has grown from the initial donation of $1,000 to a budget of nearly $500,000.



Who Administers the Foundation?

A Board of Directors administers the Foundation, seeking funds and setting granting policy according to its bylaws. The Board is composed of a cross-section of the community whose interest focuses on excellence in education. The Board is a separate unit from the Beaumont Independent School District, but it cooperates with the District as both seek to enhance the academic opportunities for students.


How Are the BPSF Grants Funded?
Contributions form a permanent endowment that generates interest for monies needed to support the grants process. Endowment funds do not supplant state money, nor does the Foundation award grants for classroom materials ordinarily purchased with district funds. The BPSF encourages BISD staff and students to apply for fun and innovative grants that enhance curriculum and stimulate learning.


How Does the BPSF Grant Process Work?
Certified staff and students may apply to the Foundation Board for grants. The Foundation Board accepts grant applications once each semester. Grant applications are available from the principal's office on each campus, or applicants can access them from the BISD website. Each semester, Foundation Board members review the applications and choose which innovative classroom projects will be awarded. The Foundation Board also administers three endowed memorial scholarships each year.

How Can You Support the BPSF?
The Foundation relies on parent, business and community involvement. You can serve as a board member, fund-raiser volunteer, or financial supporter. Call the BPSF Office at (409)617-5134 to inquire how you can help.