Murry J Frank Planetarium

Murry J. Frank Planetarium
Picture representing Murry J. Frank Planetarium

The Murry J. Frank Planetarium is an extension of the Beaumont I.S.D. classroom.  Our goal is to encourage the thoughtful, observing, and curious scientists in all our students by using concrete models to represent the abstract concepts of space science.
Studying the night sky helps us find our place in time and space.  Astronomy has existed for as long as humans have lived on the Earth.  Early man looked to the sky and noticed how heavenly bodies moved in predictable patterns.  These patterns allowed people to track time in days, weeks, months, and years.  The patterns of stars also helped them identify where they were on their planet.
The Frank Planetarium seats 62 in its 30 ft dome and has a Spitz A3P Projector.