Residency FAQs

Residency FAQs
Frequently asked questions concerning proof of residency requirements



The Beaumont Independent School District and its many campuses are a highly preferred choice among families for their student’s education. In recent years, there has been a growing trend for parents to “beat the system” for enrollment into the District’s schools by changing documents to reflect an address within the district’s boundaries or more specifically, within a particular attendance zone. BISD is making a concerted effort to ensure that students who reside within our District boundaries have a seat available for them at their home school.


1. Why is the district doing this?


  • The district continues to experience families falsifying residency within the district. This issue has surfaced to varying degrees at all district schools. BISD is in no way trying to reduce or restrict enrollment for students legally entitled to receive a public education within the district or at a specific campus. Our goal is simply to meet the needs of our community and ensure tax dollars and resources are used to best serve our students without negative compromise to the educational services and programs to which they are entitled.


  • Further, the Texas Education Code stipulates the district must keep verification of residence as part of our mandatory student audit records. Hence, the district also has an obligation by law to verify all of its students either legally reside within the boundaries of the district and particular attendance zone or are attending through an approved transfer agreement or some other measure as authorized by law.

2. Why are the guidelines so strict?


  • The guidelines are comparable to verification guidelines of other state agencies and school district's all over the state. The ability to adopt guidelines to establish residency in BISD should not be misinterpreted as the ability to redefine the legal concept of residency established by our state law. The traditional, basic residence criteria are “living in the district and having the present intention to remain there.” This general guideline permits enrollment into the District itself.


  • However, in order to confirm residency to enroll in a school in a specific attendance zone, the District requires one form of documentation from BOTH of the following two groups showing both the name and residence address of the parent/legal guardian (as appointed by court order). 






(provide one original proof from below)



Property Deed


Current Mortgage, may redact financial info


Closing/Escrow Papers, may redact financial info (dated within 45 days of enrollment)


Signed/Printed Lease Agreement, may redact financial info dated within 1 year of enrollment


Landlord Verification Form with proof of current rent payment (notarized by  statement by tenant required and proof of payment within 30 days of enrollment)


Letter from Approved Agency (for group & foster home purposes only)


If parent/legal guardian is unable to establish residency due to lack of permanent housing or shared living arrangements, please contact the Student Services Department 409-617-5109 or 409-617-5107 to schedule an appointment for further assistance to determine eligibility for enrollment based on terms of:


  • A Shared Residency Affidavit
  • McKinney-Vento Questionnaire
  • Other, as approved by Superintendent or Designee




(provide one original proof from below)


Utility Bill dated within 60 days of enrollment (NO COPIES OR DISCONNECT NOTICES ACCEPTED!)

  • Gas
  • Electric
  • Water
  • Cable/Satellite
  • Telephone bill (landline only)






Current Motor Vehicle Registration
(dated within 60 days of enrollment)
W-2 Form, may redact financial info
(dated within 1 year of enrollment)
Property Tax Bill for BISD
(dated within 1 year of enrollment)
Official correspondence from city, county, state or federal agency  dated within 60 days of enrollment, ie. TDHHS, TX Attny General, Social Security Admin, Court Document, etc.,

Other, as approved by Superintendent or Designee










Note: The Beaumont Independent School District does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, gender, age, mar ital status or handicapping condition in its programs, services, activities, or employment practices as required by Title VI of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, as amended; Title IX of the Education Amendments of 1972; Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973, as amended; and the Age Discrimination Act of 1975. BISD is committed to providing a free and appropriate public education for all students


3. Will the district prevent students from enrolling until proof of residency is demonstrated?


  • The most favorable situation is for residency verification to be completed prior to the start of school. However, the district may grant temporary 30-day residency to a student whose parent/legal guardian can provide a document from either of the two groups above to begin the residency verification process.


  • Note: There will be no delay of enrollment to children or youth who qualify for enrollment under the McKinney-Vento Homeless Assistance Act


4. What if I do not provide required additional documentation within 30-days?


  • The burden to establish residency to attend a particular campus within a particular school zone is on the parent/legal guardian. If required documents are not submitted within 30 days of enrollment, and residency has not been established or verified through some other authorized process, the student may be withdrawn from the school and assigned to enroll at another campus in the district. Parents will be responsible for any transportation. In cases of fraud, enrollment to the District may be revoked and charges may be filed.


5. Do all schools use the same system of residency verification?


  • Yes, all schools within the district should adhere to the same residency verification standards. Exceptions may apply to magnet campuses or those campuses serving special programs that may require additional documentation.


6. Will my information be safe? Where will the residency information be filed?


  •  The same standard of confidentiality that applies to all student records under the Federal Education Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) also govern the security of residency information. Parents are encouraged to ink out all information on documents other than what is needed for proof of residency. All documentation will be stored with the student’s cumulative record for the required retention period.


7. I am zoned to one campus based on where I live, but I would like for my student to enroll

    in another school outside of the zone?



8. I go to work very early/get off very late. I have no one to help get my kids to and from

    school where I reside. Can they simply use the address of my relative/friend to attend

    school in another attendance zone?


  • The District does understand that work schedules can be tough, as many of BISD’s more than 2,000 plus employees must make other arrangements to care for their students’ educational needs based on the demands of their work schedule. However, using another person’s address to enroll a student because of child care needs or to accommodate a work schedule is not recognized in law and may lead to prosecution under Section 37.10, Penal Code. Enrollment of the child under false documents subjects the person to liability for tuition or costs under TEC Section 25.001(h).
  • Unless a student meets eligibility for enrollment on the basis of the McKinney-Vento Assistance Act, or receives an authorized transfer or special program assignment, enrollment into a particular school is based on the actual, verifiable residence of the parent/legal guardian or other person with lawful control (i.e. foster home, group home, etc.,).


9. What if my student has an unusual residency situation?


  • Campus principals and staff in the Office of Student Services are prepared to review documents and answer questions that may arise during the residency verification process. Please contact your child’s campus or the Office of Student Services to schedule an appointment to further discuss your residency concern.


10. How do I report someone who is falsifying residency information?


  • To help in the efforts to monitor residency fraud, the District plans to implement an ANONYMOUS Tip Line in the near future where you may call to report verifiable information if you believe someone is falsifying their student's address in order to attend schools within BISD. Please continue to check the Disitrict's website for more information about the tip line.