Student Self Serve

Student Self Serve

The Beaumont Independent School District Student Self Serve program is available to all middle school and high school students.  Access will provide students with information including grades, attendance, classroom assignments and the ability to email teachers directly through a student’s schedule.


Student Self Serve access requires the student to apply online using the login link below. Access to Student Self Serve is only available after the student has read and accepted/signed the district's Acceptable Use Policy. Violation of the terms of use and security policies listed below and contained within the district's Acceptable Use Policy may result in suspension or termination of technology privileges and disciplinary action.


Terms of Use and Security

Access requires responsible behavior when viewing the student’s information. Students will be held accountable for the proper use of the accounts. The district can monitor, suspend, or revoke access if rules are violated. The person who has an account is responsible at all times for its proper use. Access is a privilege, not a right.  Inappropriate behavior includes:  Using someone else's account, accessing another individual's records, gaining or attempting to gain unauthorized access to restricted information or resources, sharing passwords with anyone and/or using Student Self Serve for any illegal activity (including violation of data privacy laws). If a student feels that their password has been compromised, it is the responsibility of the student to change their password.



While Beaumont ISD strives to ensure application data is accurate and up-to-date, the system does not contain official information.  Official information is maintained in the student's cumulative record.  Please remember that the grades posted on the website may not include all assignments or tests that have been completed.  As teachers grade assignments and tests, grades will be updated in the system. Students should follow up with their individual teachers if they feel there is a discrepancy or incorrect information.





Click the button below to access Student Self Serve


Student Self Serve Button



Student Self Serve is compatible with Firefox and Chrome. Internet Explorer is not recommended.

You must also disable any pop-up blockers.