20162017 Vision Goals

2016-2017 Vision Goals

#1-Our School Culture Focuses on Developing GRIT & Growth Mindsets

  • Student led conferences
  • Use student portfolio- to set goals and track performance
  • Promote school-wide character education focus
  • Award and recognize achievement for work ethic/improvements

#2-Our Stakeholders are Competitive in the Global Market

  • Develop rigorous thinking by teaching meta-cognition skills
    • Use Thinking Maps tools to model and promote thinking
    • Conduct Learning Style Inventories
  • Develop rigorous thinking through intergration 
    • Integrate the Arts into content
    • Conduct STEAM activities in all grade levels
  • Develop rigorous thinking through soft skills applications
    • Provide opportunities for Collaboration/Teamwork
    • Cultivate Problem Solving Skills
    • Provide authentic conduits for communication

#3-Graduation and Career Readiness are Realities for Every Child

  • End of Year DRA Results-Grades K, 1 & 2
  • State Assessment Results- Grades 3, 4, & 5
  • Enhance opportunities to explore career options
  • Career Awareness and Shadow Day
  • Increase the number of career-based clubs