Approved Absences: A parent or guardian must call the school attendance line (558-4770) before 7:30 am to excuse a students absence from school. You need to leave your name, your child's name, a phone number where you can be reached, and a brief explanation of the absence.


Early Release for Appointments: If your child needs to leave after school has started for an appointment, please send a note with your child. They will show the note to their teacher, who will send them to the office. Then the student will show the note to the secretary when they check out. Then the student may leave and meet you in the parking lot.


Make Up Work From Absences: Students are given one day to make up work missed for each day them were absent. If your child is going to be, or has already been, gone more than 3 days, please call the office for a homework request. Long term absence arrangements should be made through the counselor and then the teachers involved.


Calls concerning attendance: 558-4770


View Student Responsibilities and Rights - Section 44, Page 13: Truancy/Attendance.