Students Websites and Forms

Students Websites and Forms

Your GRADES (Enter your student ID and password as if you were logging onto a computer at school.)


Orchestra Practice Log



PE Makeup Form


Khan Academy


Digital Text Books

  •        MATH
    • 8th Grade Code = C67BB97154
    • 7th Grade Code = b6a0e2e11d
    • 6th Grade Code = def326a86e
  •        SCIENCE
    • User name: Bowdish 2016-17
    • Password: Rockets#1
  •        HISTORY
    • Email: Enter your history teacher's email address 
    • User name: Your student ID with bms added to the end of it. (EXAMPLE: 987654bms)
    • Password: Your birthday just like logging on at school
  •        LANGUAGE ARTS   (Pin number = N7M5E8)




Career Cruising



2018 Yearbook Survey (open until 2/24/18)