Words From The Principal

Words From The Principal

It is my sincere pleasure and honor to be Principal of Paul A. Brown & Pathways Learning Centers. Our administrative team includes Mr. Wayne D. Wells, Principal, Dr. Wilbert Andrews, Associate Principal, Mr. Bryan Cooper, Assistant Principal, Ms. Helen Tegbe, Assistant Principal, Ms. Shana Seastrunk, Math Coach, Mrs. Ieka Hill-Wilridge, Counselor, Mrs. Mildred Harmon, Counselor, and Mr. Brian Hall, Special Educator Coordinator. We are people who put the needs of our students at the forefront and strive to ensure that students get the education they need and deserve. I am thrilled to be a part of this dynamic team. As we continue to partner together to make great things happen, Brown-Pathways Learning Centers will become a model for Alternative Learning Centers in the State of Texas!


Throughout my educational experience, my teachers taught me “with every privilege comes great responsibility.” I do believe it is a great privilege to get to be the Principal at Brown-Pathways. I also know that grave responsibility comes with that privilege. Each of you entrusts your most cherished possession, your child or children into our hands each day during the school year. Unfortunately, students come to us with many obstacles and barriers that could impede their learning process. However, no matter what we may encounter, we are prepared to take on the challenge. Even though we serve an alternative student population, we maintain the belief that all of our children are a prized possession to us. We believe in miracles and we know that with your support and your encouragement at home, our children will write their success story.  

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            Between the ages of 12–17, we know that students begin to attain cognitive maturity—the ability to make decisions based on knowledge of options and their consequences, continue to be influenced by peers, build skills to become self-sufficient, respond to media messages but develop increasing ability to analyze those messages, develop increasingly mature relationships with friends and family, seek increased power over their own lives, learn to drive, and increase their independence. Our school provides positive adult role models and open lines of communication that children need so badly. We know that students sometimes make wrong choices and decisions. At Brown-Pathways, we are able to help them understand their decisions and choices will have a lasting impact on them as they mature into adulthood. Our aim is to help them become responsible and productive citizens in society. 

I take on this great privilege with serious responsibility. It is my goal to return your child to you with added value. That value should help them to transform themselves into an even better person, one who will accept responsibility for their actions or reactions. In today’s society, with its onslaught of drugs, sexuality, and misinformation, I know that some students will make decisions that will harm them despite the best efforts of their parents and the school. It is imperative that you as parents and we as the school, partner together to combat this and give each of our children the best chance possible to choose to make the most of their educational journey. It can, and will, be an exciting time to watch our children become young adults ready for high school, college, a career, and the real world. These times can be trying, but we can make them fun and exciting.

With this background, I ask you to collaborate with me and my team as we commit to do our best to help the students of Brown-Pathways Alternative Learning Centers makes this a positive transition toward a life of responsibility and privilege. They are the future and we are preparing them for a world that is ever so changing. We must give them our all. It requires nothing less than excellence…for all…from all. Our motto is Attitude Is a little thing that makes a Big Difference” and “Where Hopes and Dreams Become Reality”. At Brown-Pathways, we sincerely believe that the home, school, and community can help each of our students to become successful. I want to welcome each of you to another “EXCITING” school year.  We are straight into Promise, Purpose, and Productiveness!

Mr wells

Wayne D. Wells, Principal



“Never give up because of what someone said; use that as motivation to push harder” - Unknown