Learning amp Teaching

Learning & Teaching

The Learning & Teaching Department oversees:

  • District curriculum and instruction
  • Learning support programs, including English Language Development, HEART, elementary reading support, and our highly capable program
  • Student testing and assessment
  • Certificated professional development

For more information about district curriculum or any of our learning and teaching programs, please feel free to contact us:



Learning & Teaching Staff

Profile picture for Dr. Terrie VanderWegen

Dr. Terrie VanderWegen

Assistant Superintendent of Learning & Teaching

558-5420 • tvanderwegen@cvsd.org 


Profile picture for William Ash

Bill Ash

Director of Assessment

558-5434 • bash@cvsd.org

Testing & Assessment


Profile picture for Patti Simmelink

Illa Anderson

Secretary to Asst. Superintendent of Learning & Teaching

558-5421 • ianderson@cvsd.org

Terry Tallan

Curriculum Library / Science Kit Center

558-5423 • ttallan@cvsd.org



Eric Hoglund

Executive Director / Elementary

558-5441 • ehoglund@cvsd.org

Profile picture for Abby Frandsen

Abby Frandsen

Director of Curriculum & Professional Development

558-5424 • afrandsen@cvsd.org

Lynn Cross

Secretary to Executive Director / Elementary

558-5425 • lcross@cvsd.org

Profile picture for Mary Jo Buckingham

Mary Jo Buckingham

Director of Special Programs

558-5426 • mbuckingham@cvsd.org

Learning Support Programs


Profile picture for Kent Martin

Kent Martin

Executive Director / Secondary

558-5430 • kentmartin@cvsd.org

Profile picture for Susan Christenson

Susan Christenson

Director of CTE

558-5431 • schristenson@cvsd.org

Career & Technical Education


Profile picture for Jackie Holcomb

Jackie Holcomb

Secretary to Executive Director / Secondary

558-5435 • jholcomb@cvsd.org