Curriculum amp Instruction

Curriculum & Instruction

Central Valley School District provides exceptional learning and teaching in each of the content areas for our students. If you have questions or comments about Curriculum & Instruction in our district, please feel free to contact us:


  • Terrie VanderWegen, Assistant Superintendent Learning & Teaching, (509) 558-5420 | E-mail
  • Illa Anderson, Executive Secretary Learning & Teaching, (509) 558-5421E-mail

  • Eric Hoglund, Executive Director - Elementary Learning & Teaching, (509) 558-5441 | E-mail

  • Kent Martin, Executive Director - Secondary Learning & Teaching, (509) 558-5430 | E-mail

  • Bill Ash, Director of Assessment & Program Evaluation, (509) 558-5434  | E-mail

  • Abby Frandsen, Director of Curriculum and Professional Development, (509) 558-5424 | E-mail

  • Mary Jo Buckingham, Ph.D., Director of Special Programs, (509) 558-5426 | E-mail
  • Susan Christenson, Director of Career and Technical Education, (509) 558-5431 | E-mail



Every school and every employee in the Central Valley School District has made a commitment to our primary focus – learning and teaching.
More than one dozen district-level committees work to develop and improve grade-specific curriculum for our schools. Content areas include art, music, math, science, social students, English language arts, health and fitness, world languages and career and technical education. 



Learn more: Office of the Superintendent of Public Instruction (OSPI):