US Hist and Constition

US Hist and Constition
Picture representing US Hist and Constition

Welcome to the United States History and Constitution course. This Social Studies course is taken during a student's Junior year in high school. This course is a requirement for graduation in the state of South Carolina.


United States History and Constitution course is a tested subject. Students in this course will be administered a state-designed standardized test. The score of this test will count 20% towards a student's final grade in this course. In addition, student performance on all standardized tests reflect reflect school success in the eyes of the state of South Carolina.


Mr. Fitzwater's Schedule:

1st Period - United States History

2nd Period - United States History

3rd Period - United States History

4th Period - Planning

5th Period - Modern World History

6th Period - Modern World History

7th Period - Modern World History