A child must be enrolled by a parent, guardian, or relative caregiver.  To be designated a guardian, an adult must have legal documentation such as guardianship papers from the Family Court of Delaware.  A thirty-day grace period for procurement of documents will be granted.  Documentation that the Family Court process has been initiated is required upon enrollment. In the case of a relative caregiver, the proper notarized documentation is required prior to the child attending school. Parents, guardians, or relative caregivers must reside in the Cape Henlopen School District, and the residence declared must be the home in which the child resides most of the time. In all cases, the following documentation must be presented upon enrollment: 

  • Proof of Residency in the district:  (One of these items must have your name and physical address on it.)
    • Mortgage or Lease or Rental Agreement
    • Utility Bill
    • Property Tax Bill
  • Immunizations
  • Current Physical
  • Birth Certificate - must be the original state birth certificate with the state seal - A thirty-day grace period may be given, if needed, for procurement of a birth certificate
  • Photo ID of parent or guardian registering the child(ren).
If there is a divorce or separation, custody papers need to be provided. If the student is living with a relative caregiver, Relative Caregiver forms must be completed and notarized.


Cape Henlopen School District - Enrollment Form

Distrito Escolar Cape Henlopen Formas


Evidence of Residency Form

Evidencia de Residencia