Summer Assignments

Summer Assignments
Summer Assignments for Honors and AP classes

Language Arts Summer Assignments


9th Grade


10-12th Grade Information


10th Grade Assignment


AP Literature


AP Language



Any question about assignments please email Amanda Wilbon (Department Head) at




To see and access any of the ebooks or to see if we have the book in our collection, follow the following steps:


Go to this site :




They can click Catalog and search for the book they want.  

It will tell them if it is a regular book or if it is an ebook.


If it is an ebook, it will have a link out to the side that says open:


If it is a follett shelf book, their login is the same as their computer login.  lunch number and (computer login password)

If it is a mackin via book, their logins are school: CASS HIGH SCHOOL WHITE,GA username: lunch number  password:colonel


For non-fiction and some of the classic novels, they can access on Gale.  The home password is casshigh  .  But I think if they log in to Destiny before they search, then it may automatically take them to it.  Sorry it has been a while since I have tried.  I usually just go straight to my Gale link.


If they are having trouble with logging in, please email Michelle Herring (Media Specialist) at

If you need a book for the assignment and we have it available, you may come by the school and check it out Monday- Thursday in the JUNE.  Mrs. Herring will NOT be available in JULY.