Application Process

Application Process

Application Process To LHS/CTEi


Grade 8 students who would like to participate in the CTEi should select Tech Awareness, Health or Computer Technology on their Course Selection Sheets which will be completed during the spring semester of their 8th grade.


First Semester Exploration:

The CTEi Exploratory Program is intended to provide all 9th grade students with an opportunity to explore technical education programs.


Second Semester Placement:

Students who participate in Tech Awareness are admitted into their program of choice based on a rubric. The final rubric score determines a student’s placement. These rubrics will be used by the Tech Awareness instructors to evaluate students using the fallowing categories:

• CTEi Tech Awareness grade average.

• Attendance & Punctuality

• Discipline/Conduct Record

• Academic (4 Core academics are average: English language

  arts, math, science, social studies)


Students are then selected to enter the grade nine CTEi program based on their rankings. Those students opting to remain in the program but were not selected are then placed on a waiting list. Students on the list may make a request to enter a different program if an opening exists. Written parental or guardian permission is necessary before any admissions can be made. Performance in this course will determine future placement into the sophomore program. CTEi instructors will continue to use the rubric for determining promotion to the sophomore program.


Sophomore year placement:

Final program placement into a career/vocational technical program is based on student’s score. CTEi instructors will evaluate students using the following criteria:


  • CTEi Grades (Jan-June based on rubric scores)
  • Attendance
  • Discipline/Conduct
  • Academic grades


Those students still desiring to be in the program but not selected are then placed on a waiting list. Students on the waiting list may make a request to enter a different technical discipline as sophomore if an opening exists.