Jaguar Tale

Jaguar Tale

The Day the J A G U A R Came to Beaumont


Once upon a time, long ago, there was a great river which meandered through a huge, thick forest on its long, winding journey to the great salt gulf. As the river emerged from the Big Thicket onto the coastal plain, it looped around a Beautiful Hill bordered on opposite sides by the forest and the gulf.

            Now, back in those days, the beautiful hill was the home of all sorts of strange and wondrous creatures. There were Royal Purple Lions, Blue and White Bulldogs, Orange and White Buffaloes, and many, many others in the ancient land. It would be nice if history had recorded that all of those marvelous animals coexisted in peace and quiet. Unfortunately, that was not the case, as the air was filled with the loud bellowing and boastings as each of the animals strived to prove that it was the best and therefore worthy to rule the Beautiful Hill. As time went by, and the struggle continued, first one then the other would emerge the victor, but each ruled for only a little while. This constant battle for control was very disconcerting to all the inhabitants, but none knew what to do.

            Then one day a wandering wizard (for there was such in those days) stumbled upon the Beautiful Hill. At first he was delighted with discovery of such a thing of beauty, but then he perceived that the struggle to rule was never-ending, resulting in making all the inhabitants very unhappy. Wrapping his long, black robe about himself, the wizard decided to help. With growing zeal he set about his self-imposed task. He would use his magical powers to make a creature that would establish its rule once and forever over the Beautiful Hill.

            First the wizard looked for those qualities in each of the wondrous creatures of the Hill which he could best combine to create this most marvelous of all beasts. From the Royal Purple Lions he selected courage and a sense of nobility. He then selected the Blue and White Bulldog for its tenacity and fierceness. After combining these virtues of courage, nobility, tenacity and fierceness into a huge vat, the wizard began to weave a magic spell while he mumbled and stirred his magical brew. Suddenly there arose a puff of thick, dark smoke which boiled and coiled about the wizard and all the Beautiful Hill. The smoke naturally alarmed the inhabitants, and they rushed, with much excited chatter to see what had caused such an unusual event. Imagine their surprise when, arriving upon the scene, they beheld a very grimy wizard and an amazing new creature. This stranger on the Hill was Green and Gold with short, rounded ears, a long graceful tail and a mouth full of exceedingly sharp teeth. It padded about upon feet armed with needle-like claws, and as it moved the inhabitants could all see the look of courage in its amber eyes. At last it seemed there could be no doubt that this Green and Gold Beast would have the tenacity to persevere until the job was done.

            And so the citizens of the Beautiful Hill all rejoiced, for this new Cougar, as they decided to call it, would surely establish its control over the territory. Peace and Harmony would reign where chaos had held sway before. The wizard was praised for his good work, and the inhabitants rewarded him by elevating him to a high station in the land.

            But alas, while the cougar was indeed a vast improvement over what had existed before, he was not quite perfect, for even wizards can make a mistake from time to time. And so, peace and harmony once again eluded the citizens of the Beautiful Hill. Instead, strife intensified as all the wondrous creatures, including a new Bear, struggled, each trying to prove that it was King.

            The wizard, however, was not dismayed for he had realized that he had omitted an important ingredient - Wisdom. And he knew that the Wise Old Orange and White Buffalo had plenty of wisdom. So one moonlit night, as the smaller, more timid nocturnal creatures watched curiously from a safe distance, the wizard cast a spell on the Buffalo and the Cougar and threw them into the vat, chanting loudly as he stirred, until the black smoke once again boiled and coiled all about the Hill. As the wizard plied his sorcery, a hush fell upon the forest at the edge of the Hill, and all the inhabitants fell into an enchanted sleep. And in the newness of the morning, just as the sun’s golden rays appeared in the east,  they awakened to find the most wondrous creature of them all in the midst. Hope sprang anew in their hearts as they gasped at the grandeur of the Jaguar, majestically clothed in the colors of maroon and gleaming Silver-gray. There could be no doubt now - the Jaguar would rule the Beautiful Hill forevermore.

            And so it was, to this day the Maroon and Silver-gray Jaguar governs fairly and guards tenaciously the inhabitants of the Hill, and with his wise counsel guiding their affairs, the citizens even now rest secure in perfect Peace and Harmony.

            The wizard had only one more task, and that was to create Coat-of-Arms for the ruling Jaguar so that all over the land, not just on the Hill but even deep within the shade of the lush thicket forest, all people would henceforth know when they saw this symbol:



The J A G U A R rules Beaumont!