Information about Scholarships and our CVHS Scholarship List.


The following is our updated Scholarship List.  The scholarships on this list were sent to CVHS by non-profilts and organizations, encouraging our students to apply.


Click HERE to view our list!



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Here are some easy steps to help you apply for the scholarships that you qualify for. Applying for scholarships takes time and some effort, but in the end, you might get some money for school.

  1. Look through the entire scholarship list.
  2. Look at the requirements and pay attention to all scholarships that you're interested in and you qualify for. (If you don't qualify for it, don't apply for it.)
  3. Click on any links that are listed under each scholarship to download application. If the link doesn't bring you directly to the scholarship application, type the name of the scholarship into the search box of the organization's website or search for the scholarship in an Internet search engine.
  4. If there is not a link, you may pick up an application in the scholarship file in the counseling center.
  5. Always check the deadline and write it down somewhere to remind yourself later. (This is a good chance to write it in your planner or calendar in your cell phone.)
  6. Gather all of the items you need to apply for this scholarship.
    • Scholarship essay
    • Personal statement
    • Letters of recommendation (Give plenty of notice when requesting a letter!)
    • Resume
  7. Complete application requirements and save all of your written work on your computer. You might need it later for another application.
  8. Review your essays, statements, and all written work before submitting. Send it to someone else so they can revise it with you. The scholarship committee is going to read your work so it has to look good.
  9. Submit your application and write down the date when you should be contacted about your application.


If you have questions, feel free to contact your CVHS counselor.