Minutes 10x2f19

Minutes 10/19

DMS Student Council Meeting Agenda

Date: 10/19/16


Members in attendance:

Advisors/Teachers: Mrs. Dorris, Mrs. Malkus, Mrs. Lewis, Miss Alexander, Mr. Kidd, Mr. Brinkley

6th: Gavin Ley, Addison Browning, Braden Hook

7th: Catarina Mason, Nathan Erwin, Alese Williams, Kylie Cummings, Katelyn Zanowski, Kayla Mitchum, Dustin Lewis, Trinity Woodbury, Kenley McKnight

8th: Angelina Mirra, Rachel Fowler, Jena Rehrig, Sarah Towe, Nadajia Lewis, Jacob Peele


  1. Call to Order

  2. Treasurer’s Report: $1,000.00

    1. Credits      +        0.00

    2. Debits       -      640.00 (James Island County Park Trip)

    3. Total           $    360.00  

  3. Old Business:

    1. Academic Probation

      1. If you are failing any classes - you are on probation for 2 weeks

      2. Pull grades every 2 weeks, the Tuesday before a meeting

      3. If you are on probation, you may not attend any council events, you may not participate in council activities

      4. If after 2 weeks you are still failing any classes (even different ones) you are removed from council

    2. T-Shirts - We need to just pick a design

    3. Thank Yous -

      1. Any ideas how to thank

        1. Mrs. Haseldon

        2. Mr. Bridges

        3. Mr. Brinkley

        4. JICP (Richard, Perry, Daniel, Amy)

          1. Give thank you cards

        5. Teachers who wrote recommendations?

          1. Kids - Give PRIDE tickets

      2. Do you want to stay after school one day to write them?

        1. Monday, 10/24

    4. Dates for Game Night

      1. Possibilities: Last week of November/1st or 2nd week of December

        1. Which night?      December 1

      2. Time:                         5:00-8:00?

  4. New Business

    1. Service Ideas

      1. Trash Pick Up (around Dubose, towards Reeves)

        1. After school, 1 hour, Date TBD

      2. Other ideas? Submit on Website

    2. Energy Bar Recycling Program

      1. Terracycle

      2. $.01 per wrapper (we need 100,000 to get $1,000)

      3. Receptacles

        1. Have a special meeting to decorate and deliver

        2. We need at least 5 for the school, where else?

          1. Publix, WalMart - in community

          2. Who has recepticles

      4. Business Partners/parent’s employers

        1. who has connections?

        2. what are you going to say to them?


  1. Committees Sign up

    1. Everyone must be on at least 1 committee

    2. Don’t overcommit (don’t be on every committee)

    3. Chair/Co Chair are people who have to report to me with ideas/info present at meetings

    4. Committees we have so far:

      1. Family Game Night (December)

        1. Athletic Games

        2. Non-Athletic Games

        3. Charity

        4. Bon-Fire

        5. Food

          1. Pizza, presale

      2. Energy Bar Recycling Program (All Year)

    5. Dorris - Committee planning guides are available for committee meetings

      1. By next meeting: Each committee needs to meet and plan

  2. Mr. Kidd - 8th Grade Project

  3. Mr. Brinkley?

    1. Thank you from him


Next Meeting: November 2

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