DMS Celebrates Bully Prevention Week

DMS Celebrates Bully Prevention Week


Monday, Oct. 9 - Challenge: Make Kindness Go Viral

  • Commit to random acts of kindness throughout the day
  • Challenge your friends to make kindness go viral by doing the same
  • Promise to to take on this week's challenges by signing your grade level Bully Prevention Week Poster in the Cafe.


Tuesday, Oct. 10 - Challenge: Make a New Friend at School

  • Take time to make friends with someone you don't know
  • Converse with other students to find out what you have in common


Wednesday, Oct. 11 - Challenge: Stand Up for Others

  • Stick up for victims of bullying
  • If you dont feel safe get help from an adult immediately
  • Be part of the solution - NOT the problem


Thursday, Oct. 12 - Challenge: Practice Inclusion

  • Dont let anyone eat lunch alone in th cafe #NOONEEATSALONE
  • invite someone to hang out with you during courtyard


Friday Oct. 13 - Challenge: Internet Etiquette and Safety

  • Practice the Golden Rule (If you're angry, don't post!)
  • Dont talk to strangers online
  • Speaker Jo Ryan on Internet Safety
  • Get your free book from your grade level counselor