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Jack Walsh






Bachelors Degree- Elementary (K-9) and Special Education (K-12) Northern Illinois University, 1979
Masters Degree- Guidance and Counseling (k-12), University of Alaska, Fairbanks, 1993
Masters Degree- Educational Leadership, University of Alaska, Juneau, 2003
Superintendent's Credential- University of Alaska, Anchorage 2007


Professional Interests:


At Craig Schools: Since July, 2013


In Alaska: Since 1987


Favorite aspect of job:

Working with the students, families, and staff to encourage success for all as lifelong learners. Being part of a vibrant and dynamic school system and community is what interested me in Craig. I'm looking forward to getting to know the staff, and all the great talents and energy they bring to their work.


Hobbies and other interests:

Travel and music are two important aspects of my life. Being connected with friends and family remains an important commitment. Photography and art, being outdoors, and hoping the Cubs win the World Series are other long time activities and interests.