Letter from the Superintendent

Letter from the Superintendent








It’s October, and as the school year is well under way, there are so many good things happening among our students and in the halls and classrooms of every school.  There is a lot of positive energy, and so many things to be appreciative of.  Let me take a moment and mention just a few of the events and accomplishments we have seen so far.


On October 4 and 5, more than 20 community members and staff helped us look closely at our last strategic plan and set a new direction for the next few years.  We heard many compliments and concerns about how we are doing.  We paid special attention to ideas that can help us improve what we do to better support all students, staff, and families.  Now that we have a framework to work from we will be asking for your help with our committees, and the action steps we want to take to reach our goals.  Please contact the central office, a board member, or a school principal if you want to help us.  Thanks to everyone who helped us in those initial meetings.  You did some great work.


Congratulations to our high school, middle school, and elementary runners.  As the seasons ended, there were some great memories of exciting races we got to witness and some great growth and development we witnessed among our runners.  Hats off to the coaches and parents who helped support all of our athletes and came out to the races.  A special congratulations to Senior Drew Marker who qualified for state for his fourth time.  That is something not many athletes accomplish in their career!


Our thanks to all the community members who help support our students through their volunteer efforts, their engagement with staff and students in the schools, and who work everyday to make this the great community it is.  Special thanks to Craig Public Health, the Craig Police and Fire Departments, Parks and Recreation, the Pool staff, and all City employees.  Your efforts on behalf of students, staff, and families make a big difference, everyday.  I also want to thank the local churches, Tribal Organizations, State agencies, and youth organizations that do so much for our students at other times in the week.  It truly does take the entire community to ensure our children have the best opportunities for success as they learn and grow.


Finally, one note on our state testing results.  We all heard the news that across the state, test results on our new PEAKS test were not very good.  That may have caught you off guard when the results were first released to the press.  In Craig, our results were also a concern and something we are hoping to better fully understand over the next few months.  Overall, our students best performance occurred on the science test, and our English/Language Arts and Math results were more in line with the state results.  As a district we are committed to provide a strong educational program for all students in every grade, everyday.  I suspect we will see steady improvement and growth on our state test results in the years ahead.  I invite you to give me a call or visit with me, or a principal, if you have any questions or want greater details.


Have a great October and thanks for being a part of the Craig City School District.


Jack Walsh