Automotive Technology

Automotive Technology


AUTOMOTIVE BASICS (Transportation, Distribution, & Logistics): Grade 10, 11, 12. One hour daily. Full year-1 credit.

The General Service Technology program begins with an orientation to the eight areas of NATEF standardized programming; Suspension and Steering, Brakes, Electrical/Electronic Systems, Heating and Air Conditioning and Engine Performance.This course will also explore the various carees in the Automotive industry. This is a sequential course and is a prerequisite to Automotive General Service Technician I.

AUTOMOTIVE GENERAL SERVICE TECHNICIAN I and II: Grade 11, 12. Two hours daily. Full year-2 credits.

ASE Requirements for Electrical = 225 hours. ASE requirements for Engines = 135 hours.

Students will learn the fundamentals of modern automobile systems related to Automotive Electrical Systems. Shop safety and the use of diagnostic tools and equipment is a part of all programs. Programs are a competency based curriculum.

The course in electrical systems is designed to teach theory and fundamentals of electricity and electronics as it applies to the modern automobile. Included in the course are cleaning, servicing and testing batteries, along with testing, diagnosing and repairing of starting, charging, and ignition systems. An introduction to fundamentals of automotive engines, engine principles, engine measurements, types of engine designs, basic engine construction, cylinder heads and valves, lubrication systems, and engine cooling systems. A certificate of completion is issued to students who have mastered a satisfactory level of achievement.

Prerequisite is to have completed Basics of Auto Technology.

* Automotive General Service Technician I & II: Steering & Suspension and Engines & Electrical are offered on alternating years.