Culinary Arts

Culinary Arts


INTRO TO CULINARY ARTS: Grade 9. One hour daily. One semester-1/2 credit.

Introduction to Culinary Arts is a semester course designed to introduce students to the culinary arts profession. Emphasis in this course is given to the development of basic competencies related to the culinary arts profession, basic menus and recipes, standardization and kitchen procedures. Students will be introduced to skills needed for employability, customer relations, menu planning, recipe use, weights and measures, conversions, budgeting, safety and sanitation, organizing for efficiency and lab procedures.

FOOD PREP: Grade 10-12. One hour daily. One semester-1/2 credits.

Food Prep is an introductory course for students to gain experience working in a professional kitchen environment and using professional smallwares and equipment, while learning the principles of baking and pastry. Emphasis is placed on techniques and technology used in the foods industry. Students will learn safety and sanitation competencies, quantity food preparation and conversions, food storage requirements, and weights and measures. Objectives will focus on practical application of skills and competencies while preparing a variety of baked goods.

FOOD PRODUCTION, MANAGEMENT and SERVICES: Grade 11, 12. One hour daily. One semester-1/2 credit.

Experiences in this course are designed to help students become aware of career opportunities and competencies required in the occupational area of food production, management, and services. Emphasis in this course is given to food production, management, and services; sanitation and safety; nutrition as related to food service; serving of food, use of food service equipment and menu planning. Upon completion of this course, a student should have gained entry-level skills needed for employment.

CULINARY ARTS: Grade 11, 12. One or Two hours daily. Full year-1 or 2 credits.

As an extension of the Culinary Arts classes, students enrolled in Culinary Arts II continue to follow the guidelines and apply food preparation skills as they relate to the standards set by the foodservice industry. Students will explore the foods and culture of a variety of international and regional American areas as well as use technology to aid them in this query. Each week the students develop their production skills and competencies through practical application. Students will prepare a full range of menu items. The skills emphasized will be equipment identification and usage, preparation of menu items, safety, sanitiation, and efficiency. The students will continue to apply and demonstrate their knowledge and expertise through class production and school-based catered events. Prerequisite: Food Prep.

NUTRITION AND WELLNESS: Grade 11, 12. One hour daily. One semester-1/2 credit.

This course is designed for all students who are concerned about their wellness. Field trips, speakers, food preparation, and a variety of hands-on activities will be used to explore topics such as; nutritional needs, planning meals, fast food, pre-game workout meals, eating disorders, setting personal goals, decision-making and stress management.

FOODS COOP: Grade 11, 12. One semester-1/2 credit Times arranged.

This class is open to students enrolled in a culinary arts course and who are working 12-24 hours per week in culinary arts related jobs. Students must be passing all classes to participate and need a minimum of one foods class.