Medical Careers

Medical Careers


HEALTH CAREERS: Grade 10-12. One hour daily. Full year-1 credit.

Health Careers is designed to introduce students to today’s health care community. Students will receive instruction on how the health care system operates, current issues and trends, and the many career opportunities available in health care. Other areas of instruction include professional ethics, confidentiality and patients’ rights. All students will be certified in CPR & AED and learn the basics of First Aid and how to check Vital Signs. Students will learn by utilizing hands-on activities and the use of guest speakers and tours. This is a year long class providing students an opportunity to explore a variety of health occupations. Any student in Health Careers is also eligible to join the SkillsUSA student organization.

ADVANCED HEALTH CAREERS: Grade 11, 12. Two hours daily. Full year-2 credits.

Advanced Health Careers is designed to provide students considering a career in health the opportunity to develop a broader knowledge and insight into the work of the health professional. Classroom based instruction will be utilized as well as hands-on activities, speakers from the community and field trips to aid in instruction. Students will expand their skills and knowledge in 8 particular health careers by job shadowing health care professionals in the community during the second semester of this class. All students will be certified in CPR & AED and complete a course in HIPPA training. Students will learn about the 12 body systems, human growth and development, employability skills, medical terminology and abbreviations, medical math, and infection control. This is a year long class designed to aid the student in choosing a career path suitable to their chosen health care profession. Any student in Advanced Health Careers is also eligible to join the SkillsUSA student organization.

MEDICAL TERMINOLOGY: 11,12 One hour daily. One semester-1/2 credit.

Medical terminology and abbreviations are used in all health care occupations and facilities. In order to communicate effectively, health care workers must be familiar with the common terms and abbreviations used. Medical Terminology will interest students who are contemplating entering the health care field as well as students that are consumers of medical services. This course would be very helpful to students considering taking Health Careers or Advanced Health Careers. Any student in Medical Terminology is also eligible to join the SkillsUSA student organization.

Medical Terminology may be taken for dual credit through Lake Region State College. The student will earn 3 college credits upon completion. Students must be a junior or senior and have a 3.0 GPA in order to be eligible for college credits.