Online Courses

Online Courses


LIVING ON YOUR OWN: Grades 10-12. One hour daily. First semester-1/2 credit.

This is a personal development course. Students develop skills in making decisions about renting and furnishing an apartment, planning menus and shopping for groceries, communication skills and problem solving, making a spending plan and using credit wisely. Young men and women are urged to develop skills that are useful for a lifetime.


FOOD PREPARATION: Grades 10-12. One hour daily. One semester-1/2 credit.

This course provides students with an understanding of the skills needed to obtain and keep an entry-level job in the food industry. Students will have the opportunity to develop skills relating to food patterns, management of resources, organization of food preparation area, usage of equipment, conversion and usage of recipes, preparing breads, meats, vegetables and pastries, and job seeking and keeping skills. Students will have the opportunity to work in the bakery or restaurant at the Career and Technology Center.





SPORTS AND ENTERTAINMENT MARKETING: GRADE 11-12 One hour daily. One semester...1/2 credit.

Explore the BUSINESS of marketing in the area of sports and entertainment businesses. This course will focus on the two main aspects of sports and entertainment marketing: 1) The marketing of sports and entertainment 2) The marketing of non-sports products and services through sports. Students will learn concepts and how to apply what they've learned in operating a football franchise using the Virtual Business Sports. Students will develop leadership skills by developing or improving problem solving skills, communication skills, organization skills and teamwork skills. Students have the option of participating in DECA activities.




This health careers class covers the fundamental aspects of the careers available in the health profession. The basic job descriptions and health careers will be exposure utilizing tours, hands on techniques, notes, and various projects. Basic first aid, CPR training, medical terminology, anatomy, and other related topics will be covered.

INTRO TO MEDICAL CAREERS: Grade 10-12. One hour daily. One semester...1/2 credit.