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Band instruments, or other items such as athletic equipment, carried on a school bus must be limited to a size that can be transported in the student’s lap. The exception is a trombone, which must rest on the floor between the students legs. The student must sit next to the window and the student must carry the trombone vertically when boarding the bus and moving to his/her seat.  No instrument or carry-on item may displace another student from a seat on the bus. These steps are necessary for the safety of all students by ensuring all items remain under the positive control of the student at all times in case of an accident or an emergency. 

The United States Department of Transportation, National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, Standard 17, Pupil Transportation Safety, reads in part:
 …baggage and other items transported in the passenger compartment should be stored so that the aisles are kept clear and the doors and emergency exits of school vehicles remain unobstructed at all times. 
School district compliance with this standard is mandatory. No student carry-on items can obstruct the orderly emergency or non-emergency exiting of the school bus. Securement of carry-on items prohibits them from becoming flying objects in the event of an accident. Items on the seats, floor, or obstructing the aisles endanger all students on the bus. 
When deciding on an instrument, parents should consider the size of the instrument and the restrictions imposed on school bus transportation of the instrument before making a final selection. Instruments exceeding the safety requirements of the governing agencies will not be transported on school buses.