Bus Information for Rollings Middle School of the Arts

Bus Information for Rollings Middle School of the Arts
Overview of Planned Bus Scheme for RMSA 2016 - 2017

Please help us by completing this online application for bus transportation to Rollings here:  


Middle School Transportation Request Form




To accommodate students who require bus transportation to RMSA, Dorchester District Two will employ the following:


  • For morning bus transportation, students will be shuttled to RMSA on a yellow school bus from one of 12 elementary school shuttle pickup locations. Those elementary school locations are:

1.    Alston-Bailey

2.    Beech Hill
3.   Eagle Nest
4.    Eugene Sires

5.   Flowertown / Newington (Combined Departure Location)
6.   Fort Dorchester
7.   Joseph R. Pye
8.   Knightsville
9.   Oakbrook
10.   Sand Hill

11.   William Reeves
12.   Windsor Hill Arts Infused


  • Students have two options for getting to these RMSA Shuttle Pickup locations:

   1.    Ride the elementary school bus from their neighborhoods to their zoned

           elementary schools, or,

   2.    Parents may drive their RMSA students to the appropriate shuttle pickup

          location, which is the elementary school a child from that household would

          attend. Students using this option must arrive at the RMSA Shuttle Pickup

          location not later than 6:55 a.m.


  • Upon arrival at the RMSA Shuttle Pickup location, students will be directed by elementary school administrators to the RMSA Shuttle bus--usually the bus at the front of the bus loop. That shuttle bus will depart promptly at 7:05 a.m. This should allow plenty of time from the farthest locations—Windsor Hill and Eagle Nest—to arrive before the morning bell at RMSA.


  • For afternoon bussing, regular school buses will pick up students at RMSA to deliver them to their zoned middle schools, i.e. the middle school the child would have attended if not attending RMSA. At the home middle schools, the RMSA students will transfer to the buses scheduled to drop off in their neighborhoods.