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High School Transportation Request Form (online)
Description and link to online form.

Dear Parent/ Guardian:


We look forward to providing bus transportation during the next school year for your student. As part of our continuing effort to improve safety and quality of service, we want to inform you of a new process designed to enhance safety while using our school bus system and to improve the efficiency of our system.


Beginning with the 2017-18 school year, as part of a systematic process to better organize our transportation system for improved safety, enhanced communication, better performance, and greater efficiency, Dorchester District Two will implement a transportation request form to be completed by the parent/guardian of any student who intends to use the school bus system.


The information we collect with this form will mark the beginning of being able to communicate with you promptly whenever there is a bus issue affecting your student. We will also be able to better determine who will be riding, thereby improving security for our students through increased accountability for who is actually riding and who is eligible to ride the bus. It will also allow us to conduct better route planning, which will improve efficiency of operations and reduce confusion by our bus customers.


We believe that having this information will allow us to make the necessary adjustments to our bus routes well in advance of the next school year. We ultimately seek the capability to communicate your child’s assigned bus route and stop information prior to school starting in future years, and hopefully alleviate some of the chaos we’ve previously experienced coincident with the start of school. 


Thank you for your attention to and cooperation in this very important manner.  We look forward to a safe and successful school year. Please help us by completing this short form using this link: Online Transportation Request Form.




 Stephan F. Shope



Dorchester Two Transportation