Updates for 2018 2019 School Year

Updates for 2018 - 2019 School Year

Student Conduct on the School Bus


Please see updates for the 2018-2019 school year under this entry on the previous page.



Rollings Middle School of the Arts


Please see updates for RMSA busing on the previous page.


Bus Rider Verification Form


We use this program to ensure we deliver your children to the proper location. Parents must notify the school of intent to use bus service and must notify the school if there are any changes to drop off or pick up locations. A student must use the bus route and bus stop designated for his or her home address. Students will not be permitted to exit the bus at other than their assigned bus stops. Again, changes must be submitted to the school and the school must provide the Bus Rider Verification Form to the driver before the driver will be permitted to drop off any student at other than the assigned bus stop.


KIndergarten and Pre-K School Bus ID Tag Program



We will continue this very successful program for the foreseeable future. To ensure the safety of our K4 or K5 students, Dorchester District Two will use the following procedures:


  • Parents/guardians of each K4 and K5 student intending to ride the bus must request a Bus Tag Application from the school. The parent/guardian must complete and return the application to the school before the student may ride the bus.
  • You may obtain the application from the previous page on this website, or from your school.
  • When the school receives the application, it will : 1) assign an ID number to the student; 2) attach a numbered bus ID tag and tag protector to the student’s backpack/book bag on the first day of school; 3) issue numbered, color-code cards matching the number on the student’s tag.
  • Parents/guardians may give the school-issued, numbered cards to designees of their choosing, thereby authorizing those designees to receive their K4 or K5 children from the bus.
  • A designee may be another adult (including day care personnel) or, for K5 students only, a student escort (4th or 5th grade) named on the ID tag. Student escorts must ride the same bus and get off at the same stop as the K5 student. One person can serve as designee for multiple children.
  • Designees for K4 students must be adults at least 18 years of age.
  • At the assigned bus stops the driver will check the ID tag for each K4 and K5 student preparing to depart the bus. The driver will match the number on the ID tag to a school-issued card with the identical number being displayed by the parent/guardian/designee. If a school-issued card with the identical number is not displayed, and a student designee who rides the same bus is not present, the student will not be released from the bus and will be returned to the school.
  • NOTE: If you are a parent of a K4 or K5 student, you must present the numbered card to receive your child from the bus. If you don't have it, the driver cannot release the child to you. Please follow the bus back to the school to receive your child.


We believe this method of exchanging students from the bus to their parents will be the safest means of delivery from school to the home. The intent is to assist parents and the bus driver in making a positive transfer of students from the bus to their parents. It also allows parents some flexibility in designating who may receive their children at the bus stop. 


You may learn more about this program and apply online here.