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Elizabeth Forward High School's FABLab



Fab Foundation


During the summer of 2014, Elizabeth Forward High School created a FABLab and developed new elective courses within the school day.

The EF FABLab includes the art and technology education teachers, which has enhanced the designing and making for our students!

Every student at Elizabeth Forward High School has the opportunity to take one or more electives during the school day in the FABLab.

Students are learning about 2D and 3D software, programming, digital fabrication and create projects using the laser cutters, CNC routers and

the 3D printers. Students are learning Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, Aspire, animation software, Inventor, Google SketchUp, Corel Draw and 3D

scanning software and hardware.





 Summer of 2014:








EF's Dino -- Digitally Fabricated!!







Art Department putting the "A" in STEAM!





The Dino's New Home -- William Penn Elementary School






Digitally Fabrication Projects:




A Canoe Digitally Fabricated...






Digitally Fabrication Projects: