SMALLab Learning

SMALLab Learning

Elizabeth Forward Middle School Installed a SMALLab the Summer of 2012 and it was the first public school to have a SMALLab in the world!

Embodied learning is kinesthetic, collaborative, and multimodal.

Embodied learning is an emerging field that blends the learning sciences and human computer interaction. Cognitive scientists have discovered compelling evidence that nearly all of our experiences are in some way grounded in the body. This suggests that the embodied experiences can lead to more effective learning. Researchers who study human computer interaction are developing innovative new interfaces where physical movements can drive interactivity. SMALLab Learning is at the forefront of embodied learning.


SMALLab Learning Company


Building the SMALLab the summer of 2012:





SMALLab Learning Team and Carnegie Mellon University Team BrainSTEM:





Carnegie Mellon University Team Kites:





 Order of Operations Game:




Elapsed Time Game:


Learning Elapsed Time



Prefix Pagoda Game:





Living Fraction Game:




Reading Game:




Music Game created by CMU's Team Skylight:



CMU's Team AweSeven -- Spring of 2015 




Pittsburgh SMALLab Consortium -- In the spring of 2014, several school districts who installed a SMALLab in the Pittsburgh region came together to create a consortium to share and help with this new technology.  The following school districts are now involved with the Pittsburgh SMALLab Consortium:  Elizabeth Forward School District, McKeesport Area School District, Penn Hills School District, Pittsburgh Public Schools, Seneca Valley School District, Southeastern Greene School District and West Allegheny School District.