eSpark Learning

eSpark Learning

eSpark Learning


Elizabeth Forward School District implemented eSpark Learning on the student iPads during the Spring of 2014 for kindergarten classrooms throughout the school district.  During the 2014-2015 school year, Elizabeth Forward expanded their eSpark implementation for students in kindergarten through 8th grade. The district invested in iPads and eSpark to empower teachers to use technology as a tool to differentiate instruction in the classroom.


What is eSpark?


Based on data collected from the NWEA Assessment, eSpark creates personalized learning pathways on the iPad with educational apps, videos, and quizzes all aligned to a student’s learning needs. This reading and math digital curriculum creates an engaging and focused supplemental learning environment at Elizabeth Forward.


What does this look like?


In each classroom, students have a designated time for eSpark. When students log into the eSpark app, they are guided through a series of quests – each aligned to a Common Core standard. After learning the new concept via video, students dive into third party apps that help them practice and reinforce the concept.  At the end of the quest, students are asked to create a video to answer a specific question about the quest. Each quest includes a pre-quiz and post-quiz to measure the students’ growth and understanding of the material. Teachers can monitor an individual student’s progress and identify areas of strength and development.


As one Elizabeth Forward Kindergarten teacher explained, “We love eSpark! I have a little boy working on multiplication [as a kindergartener] and many other remarkable successes. I would never be capable of differentiating to this extent by any means and the kids are amazing with it!”


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