General Information

General Information

Personal Property at School

Coats, book bags, band instruments, and other articles of value are to be labeled. It is best not to bring anything of value, including large amounts of money. Lost and found books and school-related articles will be handled through the multi-media center. All other items will be at the main office. Unclaimed articles will be given to charities.



Students will be held responsible for all school textbooks issued to them and for books checked out from the library. Student MUST present their student identification card when checking out textbooks and/or library books. ALL textbooks should be covered. Books may be checked out for two weeks (two items per student). Special arrangements can be made for projects and special assignments. A five cent per day for overdue items will be charged.



Guidance services are available for every student in the school. These services include help with school planning, explanation of test scores, career and occupational information, group guidance, study organization, help with home problems, school and social concerns, and many others.


Students are encouraged to confer with the principal, associate principal, dean and counselors regarding school matters. Peer counselors are also available for students to resolve conflicts such as social issues and to seek out advice or guidance in better decision-making and personal responsibility. Students should sign up for an appointment in the office.


Telephones/Cell Phones

The office phone is available for student use after school for an emergency or illness situation upon permission from staff member.


Cell phones are not allowed to be used on campus and will be confiscated if seen or heard (CA Ed. Code 48901.5)



All medication must be monitored through the Health Office. This includes ointments, lozenges, sprays, etc. A doctor’s order and written parent request/permission is necessary. Contact the school nurse for the appropriate form.


Visiting the School

Parents are welcomed and encouraged to visit Emerson often. Please check with the office staff prior to visiting a classroom. Visitors may obtain a visitor’s pass from the school secretary.

The campus is closed to all student visitors from other schools. Parent/guardian may be asked for valid ID to access their students during school hours and/or during extended day/extra curricular activities.




Students must walk bicycles onto and off the campus. Bicycle helmets must be worn at all times when riding to and from school. Provisions are made to safeguard bicycles, however, the school assumes no responsibility. For your own protection, have your property registered and licensed by the Pomona Police Department. Students who utilize this form of transportation must provide their own locks. Bicycles are to be locked at the bike racks. During the school day, the bike racks are off-limits. Students who are at the bike racks without permission will be disciplined.

Skateboards and scooters are not allowed at any time.



Students who have outstanding book fines and/or detentions will not be issued yearbooks when they are distributed at the end of the year. If a yearbook was purchased, this student will NOT receive reimbursement for the yearbook until fines have been resolved.



The bulletin will be read on the PA daily. Students are responsible for information contained in the bulletin. Information regarding items of general and special interest will be announced.



Accidents should be reported immediately to the office.


Nurse’s Clinic

When we do not have the services of a school nurse or health clerk, any student who reports to the office feeling ill will have his//her parent contacted and be sent home with parent or returned to class.


Fire/Disaster Drills

A fire drill evacuation plan is posted in each room. Study the plan and become familiar with it. Students should leave the building in a quiet and orderly manner. Remain outside the building until the signal is given to return. During disaster drills, students are to drop to the floor/ground and cover. Remain there until the teacher directs you to move to your assigned area on the athletic field. This is to be done in a quiet and orderly manner. In the event of a real disaster, you will remain on the field until it is safe to return to the building or your parents pick you up.


Extracurricular Activities

Participation in sports, clubs, field trips, assemblies and other extracurricular activities is a privilege that is earned through positive citizenship and academic achievement. Students are expected to comply with all school district guidelines to ensure participation.



The school district does not provide health, accident, or accidental death insurance. However, insurance is made available for parent purchase through a private company. Forms are available in the main office.