Academic Information

Academic Information

All students are expected to make progress towards achievement of our expected School-wide Learning Goals and develop the skills, knowledge, and habits to become:

Effective Communicators who…

a. Listen, speak, write and compute effectively
b. Communicate appropriately with a variety of audiences
c. Recognize multiple points of view
d. Express ideas through fine arts
e. Use technology to communicate

Model Citizens who…

a. Self-evaluate own strengths and identify areas in which to grow
b. Exercise values of a democratic culture

Exemplary Problem Solvers who…

a. Recall, analyze, organize, infer/interpret, and evaluate information

Responsible Citizens who…

a. Build positive interpersonal relationships in our society
b. Work effectively, both independently and collaboratively
c. Accept responsibility for actions and learning

Self-Directed Learners who…

a. Explore different learning styles
b. Master the fundamentals of learning/basic skills
c. Set goals; organize time and materials

Outstanding Critical Thinkers who…

a. Regard problems as exciting challenges
b.Strive for understanding, keep curiosity alive and patient when dealing with complex issues
c. Set aside personal preferences and base judgments on evidences

Noble Character-Builders who…

a. Demonstrate personal and civic responsibility

Every sixth, seventh and eighth-grade student will master a core curriculum which includes English/Language Arts, Social Science, Math, Science and Physical Education. Performance and grades will be based on quarterly benchmark assessments, plus projects, homework, class participation, tests and quizzes.