Articles not Allowed in School

Articles not Allowed in School

Articles not Allowed in School
Articles which interfere in any way with school procedures, disrupt instruction, or become hazards to the safety of others are not allowed. (See list on left). If brought to school, these items will be impounded and signed out to a parent between 3:00 – 4:00 p.m. ONLY. The school assumes no responsibility for the loss or return of confiscated items.

Grooming items (combs, brushes, make-up, deodorant, etc.) are restricted to the restrooms and locker rooms only. Use of perfumes, scented lotions, hair sprays and other scented and spraying items is prohibited, as these may cause allergic reactions by other students and staff. Use of the above other than in designated areas and/or other than its intended purpose may result in disciplinary action.

Core/Club T-shirts/Renaissance, School Sports Team Shirts and Jerseys
School approved core, club t-shirts (for the current and previous year only)and Renaissance shirt (current and previous year only) may be worn only on the following days:

Wednesday & Friday
Club core, Renaissance (current and previous year only), College shirts
Students who are playing on a school sports team may wear their team jersey on game days only during the current sport season.

Riot/Unlawful Assembly/Watching a Fight
Students should not get together to act in a violent/dangerous, boisterous or tumultuous manner. Examples include gathering to watch a fight, “pretend fight” which draws a crowd, and throwing food or objects in a crowd (including stink bombs, water balloons, etc.) also video taping/recording a fight, web posting of video of fight, instigating and/or stirring up a fight. Non-compliance may result in a suspension.

When students observe an activity that they do not want to be held accountable for, they are to leave the scene immediately.

Gum Chewing and Eating on Campus
Gum chewing is not allowed on campus in any area at any time. Additionally, eating and drinking must be confined to the cafeteria and lunch quad areas. Students who fail to comply will be assigned community service detentions such as gum scrapping and trash pickup duty and/or campus clean-up. Repeated offenses will be considered defiance and may result in Saturday School and/or suspension.

Public Display of Affection
Students are to refrain from public displays of affection, to include, but not limited to, handholding, hugging and kissing. Failure to comply will result in parent conference and further disciplinary action on repeated offense.

Laser Pointing
Students are prohibited from possessing or using laser pointers, as they have the potential to harm others when beams are directed into the eye. Possession and/or use is a suspendable offense.