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Dances/After School Activities

After School Activities
Dances are usually sponsored by the Associated Student Body (ASB) or other clubs. Only students enrolled at Emerson may attend after school activities, including dances. Non-uniform dress is acceptable for dances, however, modesty and other details as outlined in the activities dress guidelines for dress-free days is expected. Students cannot leave a dance before it is over unless their parents arrive to take them home. Students should arrange to have a ride pick them up immediately at the end of a dance, so that chaperones do not have to wait. Students who arrive late to a dance must be accompanied by a parent/guardian or admittance will not be permitted. Students who are not picked up 15 minutes after the dance may have their dance privilege revoked.

To ensure safety, parents are to pick up their child at the front of the school immediately after each dance. Students who are not picked up within 15 minutes after the dance, will lose future activities. Pomona Police Dept. will be called for students not picked up past the designated times.