Progressive Discipline

Progressive Discipline

Progressive Discipline

The progressive discipline process includes:

Counseling/Warning Conflict Resolution

    • School-directed conflict resolution process with counselor, administrator or peer mediators
    • Known conflict which is not resolved and leads to a fight may result in suspension.

    Parent Contact Teacher Detention

    • Written notification at least one day in advance of detention date.
    • Before or after school at teacher’s discretion.
    • Students must take note to parents.
    • Up to 1 hour in length.
    • Failure to serve results in office referral.


      • Monday – Friday - after school
      • Saturday detention if not served.

      Campus Clean-up/Beautification

        • For minor infractions (i.e. gum, littering, destruction of property)

        Saturday Detention/Community Service

        • May be assigned in lieu of suspension for Level II and III infractions.

        Exclusion from School Activities


        • For serious offenses & Ed. Code violations

        Expulsion must be recommended in cases of: (non inclusive of other offenses as stated in Ed. Code)

        • Causing serious physical injury to another person.
        • Dangerous objects brought to school, including all knives, guns, or other weapons (including look alike weapons).
        • Sale of controlled substances.
        • Robbery or extortion.