Principalx27s Message

Principal's Message

Thank you for visiting our school webpage. We hope you will find the information you're looking for. Clear communication among all the stakeholders in education is the key to building successful, meaningful, and lasting relationships. 


We have learning opportunities for every student on our campus; we have interventions and extended learning programs for students at all skill levels, such as English Language Learners; Special Education students; Gifted and Talented students; Homework Club students after school; students served through our Student Assistance Team; students that qualify for Meaningful Work during the school day; students that want to access the library before school and during lunch/recess times; etc. Once a month we have a Recognition and Anti-Bullying  Assembly, where we highlight successes; no matter how small. We want our students to feel recognized, valued, respected, safe, and welcomed onto our campus. All the adults at our school strive to implement and sustain maximized student success opportunities. Our school is awesome!


My background is very diverse. I was born and raised in the Netherlands, I moved to the U.S. 17 years ago; I became a U.S. citizen in 2006. I taught English as a New Language, "regular" English, and German. My native language is Dutch; in addition to German, I also speak French. I started in administration 8 years ago and have been a high school administrator in Pocatello, Idaho; a high school administrator in Enumclaw; and the K-12 Principal in Oakville. I currently live in Kent, where I spend my weekends. I have two children; one 19 and one 17 years old. In my spare time I enjoy riding my motorcycle, hiking, movies, playing music, writing poetry, and reading short stories.


Since I came on as the Intermediate School Principal, I have met a lot of "new" people here in Forks. It feels good being welcomed into such a wonderful community. Having been employed in quite a few other school districts, I feel privileged to be an administrator in Forks, with its continued support for first-rate, quality education. We open our doors for all children, regardless of their backgrounds. We individualize their education in accordance with their needs; we want our students to be(come) unique individuals and independent learners; we want them to be proud of who they are. Please feel free to look me up before, during, or after school. We are an integral part of the greater Forks community; our school is your school! Please consider volunteering on our campus and serving on our Parent-Teacher Organization (PTO). We'd love to have you!


In educational partnership,


Caspar van Haalen