Art Vocabulary Words

Art Vocabulary Words

Art Vocabulary


  1. Look up the word and write the definition in your own words.  Remember to use only the definitions that pertain to Art.
  2. After the definition draw a visual of what the word means in colored pencils.
  3. Definitions with visual thumbnail due next Art class.


1- Line                                 2- Color                                  3- Form                                    4- Shape

5- Space                             6- Proportion                           7- Movement                           8- Color Wheel

9- Value Scale                   10- Painting                             11- Drawing                             12- Sculpture

13- Ceramic                       14- Artist                                 15- Artwork                              16- Foreground

17- Middle ground              18- Background                      19- Horizontal Line                   20- Graphic

21- Printmaking                  22- Plaster                              23- Sphere                                24- Cylinder

25- Cube                            26- Linear                                27- Curvilinear                          28- Primary

29- Secondary                   30- Tertiary



***** Parents, the students are to look up these Art words and after reading the dictionary's definition write it in their own words. For example ---- for color wheel they could write "it is a cirlce with sections that show each of the colors that can be made".  I do not want them to just copy the definition.  They need to learn how to explain the word from the definition.  Doing it this way is to help them in their reading skills and helping them to learn critical thinking and explanation processes.  A Thumbnail is a small or tiny sketch (picture/drawing) of what the word looks like visually that the students are to put at the end of the definition or beside the word.  We go over these words every time we meet and can be found in most books (including their class english books) that have a glossary or dictionary in the back of it.  The students need to bring it in when they are finished to show me and then keep it for referencing back to and use when we start looking at Art works from the past and talking about them.  I understand and realize that they have homework from their regular teachers each night and this is why they have a longer time span to get it done.  It is also a part of the Art Standards that I must teach for them to learn.  You may look up the full list of your childs' grade standards in the South Carolina Visual Arts Standards at www.  They will be changing slightly in format and content effective next school year.  If you have any questions you may contact me by email at or stop by the classroom anytime.