GES Vision Mission amp Beliefs

GES Vision, Mission & Beliefs

At Greeleyville Elementary School:

We envision a school where everyone works together, understands and respects each other, feels safe, and is excited about learning.





The mission of Greeleyville Elementary School is to collaborate with home and community and to educate students to their fullest potential as they become respectful, responsible, and competent citizens.



At Greeleyville Elementary School, we believe that:


Postive cooperation of home, church, community and school is essential fo a child's success.

Learning to think and apply knowledge is essential for survival in our technological society.

While all children have the ability to learn, in different ways and should be provided with a variety of instructional methods to support their learning.

Clear goals and high expectations for student achievement should drive the curriculum, instructional strategies, learning activities, and assessment of student learning.

Teaching postive character traits and conflict resolution will foster an understanding and mutual respect of all cultures.

A safe and healthy environment is necessary for maximum learning to occur.